Junipers are an invasive species that we are all too familiar with. Are they over crowding your pine trees and sucking yo all the water on your land?! We can fix that!

Vegetation can be extra bothersome when it encumbers your roadways, turnouts, and use areas. We understand that sometimes you want to clear manzanita but keep some tree growth so we have clean, new, efficient equipment for technical work.

If you are an investor looking to sell a piece of land, bump up the curb appeal by letting us clear out some space to increase the aesthetic view!

Land Management is a necessary and responsible action in our high desert climate. Central Oregon is often at high risk during fire season, so why not minimize your fuels and maximize your defensible space.

Centerline Drilling Inc is well versed in different techniques to handle your land clearing project efficiently, with the highest quality work in the shortest feasible timeline. 

Land Management

Fuels Reduction

Roadside Clearing

Aesthetic Appeal

Right of Way Clearing

Juniper Reduction